I wish you luck

God and Luck have a lot in common.

Most of us hope they actually do exist,
but many of us haven't seen either.

We hope and pray to God for Luck,
but we are left wondering if we are just being fools for wanting to believe in something that may not exist.

Are things just meant to be, and neither God or Luck have anything to do with it?

If things go right, we undoubtedly thank God for it and if we don't believe in God, we call it Good Luck.

It's either Good Lord or Good Luck,
or bad luck, or a living hell.

All I know is that I wish I had a dollar for every time someone wished me Luck, because I must have been wished luck a million times and that would be something I'd call really Good Luck.

I haven't had much luck in quite a while,
and I'm still waiting for an answer from God.

When people wish me Luck,
I often wonder if the luck I may receive will be any good at all, because it sure seems like I've had my share of Bad Luck.

I hope you find some Good Luck somewhere, and if you do find some and have any to spare, just let me know because I'm sure that there are others who could use some too.

And please, if you find God,
please don't tell me about it,
just send him my way.

I truly care about you and I want to see you succeed, so I can only wish you -
Good Luck.

                         -- Sunnyside

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Luck with Steven Speilberg

Steven Spielberg in jail

You have a great movie idea?
Or maybe you would be one to think having Steven Spielberg interested in making a movie about you, would be considered good luck?
      if so I'd wish you something better than luck, because if you think Spielberg may be interested in making deal with you for your story, you may not be in the kind of luck as you may want.
      In a real world situation with Speilberg, may just try to brain wash your family members and replace you with a clone.
      I'm thinking Speilberg will need a little luck himself if he ever gets to be a free man again. The reason I'm saying this is that sooner or later there will be guys working out of my truck. Once they realize that because of Speilberg's so called works of art, Spielberg was a man using his money and resources to make sure I couldn't get anywhere with my inventions.
      Most people in the states are probably burning $50-100 per month on housing cost as it is. Speilberg isn't likely to be one who will find new friends, unless he buys them.

Steven Speilberg is in Jail

And the Award shows: they are protecting his image with the use of the green screen tricks
      Now they are trying to tell people that he is away on a sailing trip around the world.
      More information about Steven Spielberg being incarcerated at:

Speilberg's Lousy Page
His crap was taking up too much space on the Home Page

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