About this site

Good day,
my name is Dennis Sattler.

This site is more or less a toy for me.
     It's a place where I play around with the good ol saying -
     I wish you luck.
We've all heard the term many times before,
     yet many of us a left wondering if the person wishing it, really meant it at all.

You may also notice that this web-site is more or less a directory to links leading to my other web-sites as well as segments from by books.
     It's an on going project that I hope will be entertaining in some way.

Iwishyouluck.com is going to be were I dump some of my thoughts whenever they arise. (So be patient with some of my first drafts.)
      A lot of the material will reflect experiences we all have in our lives and I feel that this is a good place to post those kinds of experiences so others may gain some kind of wisdom from it all.

Iwishyouluck.com will also be a place where I'll post many of my Helpful Hints
     and Lessons in Common Sense.

I'm beginning to think people wish luck, as a polite way of getting out of a conversation they don't truly care about.

People in England seem to really mean it when they wish it because they add, "keep it up," to it..

I happen to think Americans often say it as a way of getting out of a conversation and Australians are somewhere in between, but I afraid they're a little more like the Americans than I'd like to admit.

This web-site is a place where you can stop by and received a true wish of Good Luck from me - Sunnyside -and I'll truly mean it.

Kinna funny having the name of this web-site posted on my truck. I got all these people everyday, reading it out loud saying, "I wish you luck."

The the other day I had a guy thanking me for wishing him luck, just by the sign on my truck.
     Can't be a bad thing.

My other web-sites that help out here at times.



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Start up date for this site
October 1st, 2007




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