I'm not sure I'm qualified to say anything here.

I guess I'll let it grow into something if I ever get into a relationship.

Do you have a relationship with
Uncle Sam?
       I wish you luck,
because I know just how backhanded he can be.

Have you found yourself having a relationship with an officer of the law?
       I wish you luck,
because so many of them are just bullies now-a-days.

Have you established a relationship with a court system?
       I wish you luck,
because if you are looking for Justice,
I don't think you'll find any here.

Are you some politician's wife who has to stand by her man as he apologizes publicly about cheating on you?
       I wish you luck,
because I'd be thinking, you dirt bag, I don't even want to be near you.

You think you've found the one.
You want to get married and raise a family.
       I wish you luck,
because if he isn't at least around 30 and she around 25 or more, odds are you'll both change by then.

Trying to hook up with someone,
but others seem to be hanging around getting in the way?
       I wish you luck,
because there are many nosey people because they're either jealous or just plain stupid.

Does she play with your mind?
       I wish you luck,
because it may just be mind games and you don't want to know how long that will last. It can be another form of torture.

You've become accustomed to seeing her magnificent feet?
Now you miss them?
       I wish you luck,
because I know how it feels.

    Stupid Rule No 1  

The both of you have your eyes on one another, but neither one of you is stepping forward and asking the other one out?
       I wish you luck,
because it's something many people do and there has to be a reason. All you have to do is figure out the reasoning behind your reluctance and determine if it actually has any merit.Are you living in a car with your girlfriend, and she says that she can't get a job because someone has to take care of the dog?
       I wish you luck,
because you either need to get a job yourself and support the two, or just get rid of the dog.

Don't you wish there was an easier way?

The best of luck to you.

                                            -- Sunnyside

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