Trying to find the right Guy

I wish you luck.

You just found the man of your dreams; he isn't the kind of guy you've looked for in the past.

Is it who he is, and what he does, that fascinates you?
I wish you luck,
because you'll have to live with it.

Is it his personality or his honesty?
I wish you luck,
because you better not go by looks alone.

Is it the what if's, and the what could be, that has you all nervous?
I wish you luck,
because you're suppose to be and there is some risk involved in everything we do. 

Would you try to learn to surf, just to get a chance to hang out with him.
I wish you luck,
because it's not easy.

Are you worried about the kind of impression you'll make on him.
I wish you luck,
but first impressions don't count anyway.

Do you think you can play up to a guy and he won't notice?
I wish you luck
because if he does notice,
he'll realize it gives him hand.

Do you tell everyone that you want to go out with the guy, except you never get the courage to ask him out?
I wish you luck,
because he may just think it's some kind of game and look forward to someone else to spark his interest, preferably one who isn't about to tell all their friends about him, if he did.
       With girls like that, you want to bring along a confidentiality statement on your first date.

Do you have the fat from your ass in your implanted in you lips and 14 kids to go with them; and you are looking for a man.
I wish you luck,
because not very many men are that crazy.

I wish you Good Luck.

                                     --  Sunnyside


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