Trying to find the right girl,
I wish you luck.

You can't keep your mind off her, you are already missing her.
I wish you luck,
because you could be in love and that's where trouble can start.

You don't know if you can handle
the expectations even though you know that you're right for each other?
I wish you luck,
because you can't expect anything when beginning a new relationship.

You are worried about the uncertainties?
I wish you luck.
They say nothing is for sure and there's always some risk involved in everything we do.

Do you wish she would just quit playing hard to get, so the two of you can just get on with your lives together?
I wish you luck,
because women are known to over analyze things and it could take awhile.

You love everything about her and you feel that she is the one?
I wish you luck,
just hope she feels the same about you.

You're thinking of writing a little love letter to let her know how you feel about her?
I wish you luck,
because she may read it wrong and think you are stalking her.

Have you ever come across a girl that just has something about her that seems just right for you?
I wish you luck
because it can make you loose interest in the other girls and that kinna sucks.

Does she leave you hanging?
I wish you luck,
because that can be torture.

Have you tried to get to know her, but she shut you down, yet everyone says she wants to go out with you?
I wish you luck,
because it's another one of those wait and see deals and that can be a pain also.

You need some Good Luck,
I wish it upon you.

                                        -- Sunnyside


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