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paddle and ball toy

Built in Circuit Breaker
Stupid Rule Numbers - 30, 36 & 39
October 19, 2014:

This little toy could save a whole bunch of you a bit of trouble.
       From first hand experience, I doubt if a person could do anything more than a possible bruise with it if anything, before the handle brakes.
       As I got older, they didn't seem to hurt so much and as a result my mother braking them on my rear became fairly common.
       But that was ok for her because she worked at a drug store where she got them for free because kids would often brake the rubber bands off.
       (At least that is what she said.)

paddle and rubber ball and rubber band toy

Handing it all to them for a what.
A vote?
June 15th, 2014:
(Father's Day)

I guess I just don't get it?
       Or maybe I'm right, and the Republican Party just can't come up with any better solution to their problem but to make all of our problems even worse.
       It's the two opposites to me.
       The republican party actually thinks they should be chasing the minority vote instead of just saying man up. The men of this country needs to get out there and vote. If they don't every thing will go over to women and minority running this country and that is the trend we are on and that is the trend we will continue if the men don't take the time off from work and just vote. .
       I figure for most of the minority families, it's the woman voting for the family because the men are too busy working. Then just as in many of those minority families, the women don't even speak the English language well enough to even under stand which candidate would be the better choice. They'll just default to more women and minority every time.

Has your daughter just turned 16 and just started dating"

Is your worst fear, that she'll bring home a moron?
I wish you luck.

Did your son just get a job down at the hamburger stand, decided to move out on his own and skip college?
I wish you luck,
because I know that your worst fear is him wanting to move back home when he's 25?

Your teen age daughter just informed you that she is three months pregnant by a guy who lives in a tent in someone's back yard?
I wish you luck,
because grand ma is usually the one who raises the kid.

Your single daughter just informed you that six kids isn't enough to make her happy and she wants more.
I wish you luck,
because you better figure out how to get her fixed.

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Good Advice

Steven Spielberg in jail

Did Steven Spielberg kill off your family and friend because he had some other insane ideas instead of just asking to buy you movie rights? .
I wish you luck,
because the folks in Hollywood seem to think he is God and they will do anything to protect him, his phoney reputation and his Dreamworks company, even if he is in jail.


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Have you ever put something together and wonder if your own kids could take it over someday?
I wish you luck,
because kids of today just want to play.

Rule number 16
Growing Up

Rule number 16


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